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Back in 2021 when we were working with one of our client Cadence 

we realized she was struggling to get traffic to her even tho she had

done everything she knew about SEO.

So we had reached out to her and checked her website and after di-

-agnosis we figured out she didn't have enough content nor she had

optimized her content for fast loading for the site.

She realized she had to fix this problem as fast as possible other wise her business wont catch up

So we built her an amazing pet store website and did maximum SEO to get more traffic and helped rank on top right after that her sales increased by 230% and had to stop taking orders 

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For a Roofing client

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The client had little exposure in search engines for important keywords to their business, such as “shingle roofing company”, “residential siding contractor”, “Illinois roofers” and more. Lack of appearances on pages 1 and 2 of organic search results for competitive phrases led to insufficient user sessions from organic search.


So what was the solution?

we started ranking for the niche related keywords and Increase of 6,017 spots in aggregate for keywords including “commercial gutter repair”, “shingle roofing company”, “illinois roofing company” and more during short time. 


We acquired backlinks to build domain trust. These backlinks included offsite blog articles referencing the client’s site. For any local business, especially located in multiple states, we focused on optimizing their Google My Business locations while also promoting their locations and website content with social media promotion to build brand awareness. Social promotion was important to SEO indirectly as it can help get your new or old blog posts added to other websites which can have a dramatic effect on SEO results.

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Our Designs

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